Fruity Flapjack

19 Jan

Flapjack is one of the few biscuit things that does not get as much credit as I feel it deserves. Admittedly I had to ‘rediscover’ flapjack after years of not having or making any, and to be honest I still do not make it as much as I should! This flapjack has lots of fruit in, well more than normal as I for one am not keen on nuts and seeds, but it is still that amazing chewy snack from childhood 😀



  • 135g Butter
  • 28g Honey
  • 68g Golden Syrup
  • 68g Demerara Sugar
  • 100g Sultanas
  • 150g Chopped Dried Apricots
  • 100g Dried Cranberries
  • 210g Rolled Oats
  • Estimated time: 40 minutes


Flapjack is a brilliant thing, it’s so easy to make with or without children helping! Weigh the butter, sugar, syrup and honey into a saucepan (or you can melt them in a microwave, but be careful not to let it burn!) and gently heat it until the sugar has dissolved and it’s all melted together.


While they are melting in the pan you can way out the dried apricots. If you’ve got chopped ones then brilliant, turns out that we didn’t so I had to sit down and chop them all up! I’ve found that in half and then into three is a good size chunk to have in the flapjack as it’s not too small so you don’t get the flavour but it’s also not so big that you don’t get anything else. Once they’re chopped you can put them all into a large bowl along with the sultanas, dried cranberries and the oats. All of the fruit that I’ve used you can swap and change around to suit your taste, especially sultanas, I know quite a few people that I work with who have a rather big hatred of dried fruit!!


Now that your dry ingredients are all weighed into a bowl, and you butter is all melted you can pour the syrup into the dry ingredients and carefully stir in. This shouldn’t take long as it is a small amount of flapjack, you just want to make sure that everything is covered in the syrup so that it sticks together when cooked.


When that’s all mixed well you need to line a baking tray with some grease-proof paper, once again if you measure it bigger than the tray and leave the edges sticking up then it will make it so much easier to take it out of the tin once cooked and cooled. Spoon the flapjack into the tray and press to the edges, you can either flatten it with a cold metal spoon or just the palm of your hand, either work as you only want to press it together to try and get a flat surface. This is more for looks than anything else, although it does kind of help it stick together, just don’t press it too far down or it will be a strange burnt biscuit!!
Bake in the oven at 180 degrees for 15-20 minutes, when it’s cooked it should be a nice golden colour and it should feel like it has a slight crust on top, but still soft underneath. This is important because the flapjack will harden up when it cools down so you don’t want to ever cook it and end up with tough snacks!


As soon as its cooked take it out of the oven and leave it to cool on the side, you can take it out of the tin if you want but for flapjack it really doesn’t matter. Once it has cooled cut it into your preferred portions. I got 5 across and 3 down, although the corners were tiny and crumbled…but they were so tasty.


There you have it, some incredibly easy and tasty flapjacks that everyone will love and want to make, however you like them. An almost healthy treat for the family!!


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