Red Velvet Cup Cakes

15 Feb

These are perfect for the valentines spirit ( I know it’s past!), partly due to the colour and then also due to the chocolatey goodness!! I’ve always thought of these as quite a complicated cake that you can’t successfully recreate at home. This is really not the case!!


120g Butter
300g Caster sugar
2 Eggs
20g Cocoa powder/hot chocolate
40ml Red food colouring
1tbsp Vanilla essence
300g Plain flour
1tsp Salt
240g Skimmed or semi-skimmed milk
1tbsp White wine vinegar
1tsp Bicarbonate of soda

For the icing:
100g Butter
600g Icing sugar
250g Cream cheese

Estimated time: 40 minutes


Like most sponges weigh your butter and sugar into a bowl and cream together until light and fluffy. If using butter from the fridge then this will take a while to beat out all the lumps. As there is a lot more sugar than butter it will not come together as a smooth paste so don’t worry!


Once nice and smooth add your eggs in one at a time, make sure you mix each egg in completely before adding the next. This will prevent you from having any lumps of butter/sugar, maintaining a smooth batter.

Weigh your cocoa powder, vanilla and red food colouring into a bowl and mix well. This is one occasion where sieving the cocoa is very useful as it prevents lumps which would then cause spots of light sponge in the chocolate cake!! Once mixed stir the paste into the eggs to create a brilliantly red mix.


Weigh your flour and salt together in a bowl, sift the flour if it is too lumpy. Slowly fold a spoonful of the dry mix into the batter making sure it is mixed in before adding the next. Once a third of the flour is mixed in slowly add in a third of the milk. Do this slowly and a bit at a time otherwise it will splash everywhere when you try to stir it in!! Repeat these steps until all of the flour and milk is mixed in.


Once at this stage line a tray with cupcake cases and have the oven on 180c. Weigh the vinegar into a small bowl and add the bicarbonate of soda, stir quickly and pour the bubbly liquid into the cake mix and quickly fold through. Once mixed in scoop the mix into paper cases using an ice-cream scoop or what ever you find easier.

Put the trays in the oven and bake at 180 for 10-15 minutes. Once cooked they should feel springy to the touch and a skewer should come out clean. Allow to cool before icing.


In a separate bowl weigh the butter and half of the icing sugar. Start with half of the icing sugar to reduce the amount of sugar going everywhere!! Carefully using a spoon mix together these two ingredients until there are not large lumps, once at this stage add in the rest of the icing sugar and mix. Now add in the cream cheese mixing slowly at first, once most of the cheese is mixed in you can beat it with a wooden spoon, this helps to get rid of the lumps that will be created.


Once the cakes are cooled you can spoon the icing on top. You can decorate them however you want, I choose to go for plain and simple as the contrast in colours is awesome to look at! This icing can be coloured and flavoured easily so you can play about with it to achieve the look you want.


Ta-daa traditional cupcakes that look elegant and incredibly fancy to serve with tea for friends and family! These are always a very good idea for valentines day or if you just feel like something special 🙂


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