Lemon Cake

23 Feb

This is basically my favourite cake ever. I love lemon, as far as I’m concerned you can not have too much lemon, especially in cakes. Whether its a lemon drizzle or a lemon sponge it’s all fine by me 🙂 this is a lovely cake with quite a smooth texture and is very easy to make.


225g Plain flour
2tsp Baking powder
225g Caster sugar
3 Eggs
4tsp Lemon zest (roughly 4lemons)
245g Vanilla yoghurt
70-100ml Lemon juice
220g Vegetable oil

For icing:
75g Caster sugar
4tbsp Lemon juice
150g Icing sugar

Estimated time: 50 minutes


Ok, so weigh your sugar and yoghurt into a bowl and mix well. Once mixed in add in the three eggs, lemon juice and the zest. With the amount of lemon juice it is up to you how much you put in, but i wouldn’t add more than 100ml as it may affect the mix too much. Mix these all together so that the eggs are combined.

In a separate bowl weigh your flour and baking powder. Slowly add the flour mix to the yoghurt mixture and fold it in carefully, making sure it’s all mixed in before adding more flour. Repeat this until everything is well mixed.

Slowly mix in the vegetable oil, this will take time as oil is very hard to ,is in and if you leave it for a few minutes then it will start to separate again.


Pour the mix into a spring release tin making sure the bottom is lined with baking paper and place into the oven at 180c and bake for 25-30 minutes. Make sure you check whether its cooked all the way through by using a knife or skewer. When the cake is cooked all the way through you can take it out and leave to cool on the rack. If it starts to sink don’t panic, depending on how much liquid is in the cake it an affect how much it rises. As long as the skewer is clean then it is fine 🙂

For the icing you need to weigh the final amount of caster sugar into a saucepan along with the 4tbsp of lemon juice, gently heat this until the sugar has dissolved and the syrup has come to a simmer.

Finally weigh the icing sugar into a bowl and carefully stir in the syrup. Once it’s all mixed in beat the icing to knock out any lumps that may have appeared!

Once mixed pour the icing onto the cake and smooth it to the edges of the cake. You need to do this rather quickly as it will start to set. Now you can decorate it how ever you want, or leave it as it is, which is slightly amazing!


There you have it a beautiful tasty cake, one that suits everyone’s cakes and just hits the spot with a nice cup of tea. Or just a snack in the afternoon, this cake is light enough to have after meals. And this is a great cake for when people come round!


One Response to “Lemon Cake”

  1. Nick White February 23, 2013 at 3:54 pm #

    The miniature candied lemon sweets on top are essential! 🙂

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