Stuffed Chicken Breast

27 Feb

Chicken is probably my favourite meat, not for flavour alone (because I love gammon!) but it is the easiest meat to cook in different ways. Whether its in a pasta dish, or roasted with herbs it is such a good meat to flavour and soo tasty no matter what!


4 Chicken breasts
250g Mozzarella
1 Large tomato
Fresh basil
1-2 Packs of streaky bacon

Estimated time: 65 minutes


The easy bit first! Chop the mozzarella into thick slices and then dice it into small squares, put these into a bowl. Now slice and dice the tomato, although try to leave out most of the seeds as you do not want the filling to be too watery. Finally for this section, the fresh basil. I only used about a handful of leaves roughly chopped, the amount you use is up to you. Once chopped stir through the tomato and mozzarella, you ideally want there to be an equal amount of the basil to the tomato and cheese. To this now add a pinch of salt to add some flavour and then leave to one side.


So the chicken- using a sharp knife cut down the side of the chicken breast, not all the way through as this will prevent you for being able to stuff them. Once cut they should be able to lie flat on the ‘their backs’.

Now that you’re at this stage using a spoon you can start to stuff the chicken. Start off by piling the tomato and mozzarella into the middle of the chicken breasts and then spread it to the ends. Try to get as much in as possible, but at the same time even amounts between the four, the more that’s in the tastier they’ll be!!


Finally to wrap the chicken breast up. I used roughly 16 rashers of streaky bacon for the four breasts, although one was much bigger than the rest. Using one rasher of the bacon place one chicken breast close to one edge. Wrap the edge of bacon around the chicken breast and then bring the other part of the rasher tightly over the chicken. Repeat this until the chicken breasts are wrapped up like Egyptian mummies!


Put the chicken breasts onto lightly oiled tray (if your trays are new then you won’t need to oil them!) cook these in the oven at 160c for roughly 30-35 minutes until cooked through.


These are brilliant served with fresh veg and potato. The juices that come out of the chicken while cooking creates a delicious gravy! This is a very easy and fancy dinner piece, and taste pretty damn good! The tomato, basil and mozzarella adds a light flavour to the chicken and goes so well with the bacon. Hope you all enjoy 🙂


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