Rustic Chocolate Whoopie Pies

9 Mar

These crazy little cakes are like macaroons in appearance, unless like me you go for the rustic version, not only are they easy but each one looks different and pretty cool 🙂


2 Eggs
150g Caster sugar
125g Cream cheese
25ml Milk
1/4tsp Vanilla essence
75g Butter melted
200g Plain flour
80g Cocoa powder
3/4tsp Bicarbonate of soda
1/4tsp Baking powder

For the icing:
170g Butter
280g Icing sugar
220g Marshmallows

Estimated time: 40 minutes



To start this you need to melt the butter, in the microwave or Bain Marie, whichever you want to use! While the butter is melting weigh your sugar into a bowl big enough for all the mix. Carefully add the butter to the sugar and mix well. To this add the two eggs. Doing this one at a time is a lot easier as you can make sure they are fully incorporated. When these are mixed in it will become a really lovely smooth and pale yellow mix.


In a separate bowl weigh your cream cheese and beat it with a wooden spoon, just to make it easier to work with. Now slowly mix in the milk to the cream cheese. Beating it should make mixing the milk in slightly easier, and if you add it a bit at a time then you will reduce the mess made! One mixed in you can then add the vanilla essence.


To this now add your flour, cocoa bicarbonate and baking powder. Again add this a bit at a time, firstly to avoid flour going everywhere, but secondly so you can fold air in and not end up beating it out of the mix.


Now, line two baking trays with grease proof paper or silicon mats (if you have them). Using two teaspoons spoon the cake mix into little mounds roughly 2-3cm apart from each other. Don’t worry about them being neat, it is rustic after all :p try to end up with an even amount so you can pair them up once cooked, if its not an even number then you will simply have to start again…or you can just eat one!!! That’s what I did 🙂


Bake these at 170c for 10-13 minutes. When these are done they will look like tiny rock cakes, they won’t be squishy or anything. If in doubt you can always use a skewer and do the good ole cake test! Once cooked allow them to cool on a tray so that they don’t start to go soggy on the bottom.


Now, the icing its a strange one really, but really fun and tasty. Weigh your marshmallows into a plastic bowl, this bowl needs to be big enough to sit over a saucepan. Fill the saucepan with some hot water, you probably need about an inch or 100ml of water. Now place your bowl over the top, thus creating a Bain Marie 🙂 ideally you want this to be a medium temperature as you want to melt the marshmallows slowly, stirring occasionally…be warned though, they take ages to melt!!

While the marshmallows are melting weigh your butter into another bowl along with 50g of the icing sugar. Carefully cream the butter and sugar together until they’re well mixed and nice and smooth. Keep adding the icing sugar in 50g goes, you can do it in larger quantities this is just what I found as an easy amount to add in each time as it wasn’t too much effort to cream together.


Hopefully by the time you have mixed in all of the icing sugar your marshmallows will have melted completely. All you have to do now is carefully scrape the melted marshmallow into the butter icing. Now carefully fold in the marshmallow. This should be quite easy as the marshmallow is still going to be warm so will kind of start the butter melting so it all combines easily. Make sure it’s all well mixed, you’ll be able to tell as the colour will go to a slightly pink icing from the marshmallows. Or white depending what marshmallows you have!

By now your cakes should have cooled completely allowing you to assemble them 🙂 to do this all you have to do is spread the marshmallow icing onto one of the cakes. A palette knife is brilliant for this as they’re nice and small. This is where it is easier if you roughly pair up the cakes before hand. Once you have spread the icing on one side (be generous, it looks better!) you can then gently press the other half on top creating a little sandwich. Repeat this for all of them, or until you run out of icing 🙂


These won’t look as neat as macaroons, but really who cares?! These are way tastier and look awesome and fun. Brilliant for friends or any sort of party. I hope you enjoy these as much as my family, especially dad!!


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