Chicken Fajitas

13 Mar

Ah fajitas, brilliant Mexican food sadly for me they have always been too spicy. But then I find black pepper too spicy so there never was any hope for me! Still, I wanted fajitas but we didn’t have any of the spices that come with the packs…so I started on an unusual journey for me as I tried to find a mix that is just right for my family!

Chickenfajita (6)

3 Chicken breasts
2 Red onions
1 Green pepper
1 Yellow pepper
1 punnet of Plum tomatoes
500g Peas
1 pack of fajita wraps

Fajita spice:
1tsp Chilli powder
1/2tsp Salt
1/2tsp Paprika
1tsp Granulated sugar
1 Chicken stock cube
1/4tsp Garlic powder
1/4tsp Cayenne pepper
1/4tsp Cumin

Mustard Dressing:
2tbsp Wholegrain mustard
1tbsp Honey

Estimated time: 40 minutes


So chicken first as this is really the base for chicken fajitas! Start off by slicing the chicken breasts into thin slices, with these slices you can then cut them into 3 strips. You don’t have to, but it makes the meal go further and means the chicken will cook quicker. Lightly oil two frying pans and divide the chicken in to them, slowly cook them on a medium heat.

Chickenfajita (1)

While the chicken is cooking, peel the two red onions and cut them in half from the root down. Lay these on their sides and slice down length ways, now just chop these into cubes. By doing it this way you can choose how big the chunks of onions are.

By this time the chicken should be cooked through, you can tell this By the change in colour (it’ll now be white) and the pieces will now be firm. If in doubt you can always cut a piece in half to check the inside. To this chicken add the chopped onions, split them between the two pans equally and allow to cook through. Once the onions are cooked take e pans off the heat and put to one side.

Chickenfajita (3)

For the sauces well start with the easiest one. This sauce is for those who do not like spice (like me). First weigh the Wholegrain mustard into a small bowl, to this stir in the honey. Mix this well and then stir into one of the pans with chicken in.

Chickenfajita (2)

Now the spicy one. In another bowl weigh all of the spices together and crumble the chicken stock cube into the bowl. Mix these together with a spoon making sure that there are no lumps. Don’t worry about it looking too dry! Stir this into the other pan of chicken, make sure every piece of chicken is covered.

Chickenfajita (5)

And the peppers. Cut these in half and pull out the stem and seeds. Thinly slice the peppers length ways and then split these between the two chicken mixes. Once mixed in slice the plum tomatoes in half and add these to the two pans and carefully mix through.

Gently heat the two pans cooking the peppers and heating the to atones through. To this now add the peas and cook these as well. Once the peas are cooked then you are ready to serve!!

Chickenfajita (4)

Tadaa! Here are two very tasty sauces, I like the spicy one, although it is too spicy for me!!! This is soo easy and very quick to make, also they are surprisingly filling for an evening meal! And as my fiancé pointed out, they go very well with tea! I know I do love my tea, an awesome British tradition 🙂

Chickenfajita (6)


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