Carbonara Baked Risotto

20 Mar

Don’t get me wrong, I love risotto, it’s such a tasty filling meal…but it takes quite a lot of effort to make. It’s not hard to make but it involves a lot of standing and stirring and adding liquid and so on, rather time consuming! This on the other hand has all the tastiness of risotto but made easily using an oven :p


225g Risotto rice (such as carnaroli)
150g Bacon
25g Butter
2 Onions
725ml Chicken stock
80g Cheddar grated
1 Egg
2 Egg yolks
1tbsp Crème fraîche
150g Cherry tomatoes

Estimated time: 50 minutes


To start off with, the bacon. Chop the bacon into rough chunks, you don’t want them to be too big as this will make it hard to serve and hard to eat! Once the bacon is chopped up, chuck it in a frying pan and allow it to cook down until crispy round the edges. This will take roughly 5 minutes, don’t worry about oil at this point. As we all know bacon is very fatty, so it cooks fine by itself! When the bacon is all crispy put it to one side on a plate.


Now chop and dice the onions, again not too big, but also not too small as when it cooks down it will go mushy, especially as it gets cooked twice! Once chopped scrape the onion into the frying pan (used for bacon) along with the butter. Allow the bacon to cook for 5, or until it starts to go translucent.

In a saucepan weigh out your stock, I used a stock cube, soo much easier especially if you don’t have many chicken carcasses around the house to make stock!! Gently heat the stock to an almost simmer.


Whilst the stock is heating up add the bacon back into the pan with the onion. To this stir in the rice. To be honest it doesn’t matter what rice you use, you can use normal short grain white rice if that’s all you have, it just won’t puff up as much and may not take as long to bake!

Slowly stir in the stock, depending on the size of your frying pan, you might not be able to fit it all in but don’t worry! Just add enough stock to cover all of the rice and bring it all up to a gentle simmer, allow it to simmer for about 3 minutes before pouring it all into a dish that can go into the oven(don’t forget the rest of the stock if it didn’t fit in!).


Put the dish into the oven and bake at 180c for roughly 20 minutes. When the time is up, take out the dish and stir in the grated cheddar along with the halved cherry tomatoes. Once mixed in place it back in the oven and carry on cooking for another 10 minutes.

In a small bowl whisk the egg and egg yolks together with the Crème fraîche to make a sort of paste. After the ten minutes take out of the oven again and carefully fold in the egg mix. Put this back in the oven for a final two minutes. This just allows the sauce to thicken up slightly and cooks the eggs completely.

Now you can finally serve, either with a salad or seem simple vegetables 🙂


Whatever you choose to serve this dish with I hope you all like it as much as me. I find it a lot lighter than risottos made with cream, nice I know, but sometimes it’s just a bit too much! This is another ice and easy dish, once it’s in the oven you can carry on doing what you want with no constant stirring and thickening!!! A brilliant meal for families 🙂


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