Leek and Potato Soup

22 May

This is a perfect soup for dreary and chilly weather, which we all know recently has come back…summer seems to be unsure as to whether it should bother turning up! This soup has been made by my mum all through the winter for as long as I can remember and is the family favourite!


5 Large potatoes
10 Leeks
1 Large onion
570ml Chicken stock
2tbsp Cornflour

Estimated time:120 minutes


Peel and dice your onion, I would say 1cm squares but really who the hell measures their chopping?!? It’s ridiculous, you want them to be bite size pieces but not to small or they will just cook down to nothing! Scrape the onion into a large saucepan/pot…anything that is big enough to hold a lot of liquid in.

Now peel and dice your potatoes to around the same size as the onion and put them ingot eh pan as well. To this add about a tablespoon of olive oil and start to heat gently. You want to start the potatoes cooking as well as the onions.


While the onions are starting to cook, make up your chicken stock. If you want this to be vegetarian then simply use vegetable stock instead 🙂 If you’re using home made stock then you might have to add some more water if it is quite a thick stock.

Once your onions have become translucent pour in enough stock to cover your onions and potatoes. Allow this to simmer for about 10-15 minutes. This will be enough time for the potatoes to start to cook and soften. Make sure you stir this often as those potatoes will try their hardest to stick!!

While these are simmering you can start on the leeks. I find it easiest to cut the leeks down the middle, starting about a cm away from the root end so that they stay together. This just means that it is easier to wash them as you can make sure the water gets between the leaves, as no one likes gritty soup!

Now that your leeks are squeaky clean you can start to chop them. The size is completely up to you as the leeks won’t cook down to mush, unless you try really hard!! But once the are chopped you can scrape them into your soup as the potatoes should be half cooked by now, if you’re not sure simply pierce some potato with a fork, if it is rock solid then they need to be cooked longer.


Stir in the leeks and add the rest of the stock, this should now give you quite a thin soup. Allow this all to simmer together for another 5-10minutes as this should finish the potatoes and start the leeks cooking.

In a small bowl weigh your Cornflour with a small amount of water. Ideally you want to make a paste with it first and then slowly mix in more water, make us the water is cold or it will thicken before it is even in the soup.

Stir this liquid into the soup, keep stirring the soup to stop anything from sticking. This will also enable you to judge how thick you want the soup to be, the soup will continue to thicken until it comes to the boil.

Once the soul has boiled, test the potatoes again to see if they are cooked, this is also a great time to season the soup. As the main ingredient is potato the soup will take a lot of salt and pepper. Add some a bit at a time, mixing them in each time before tasting again. Keep seasoning until the flavour is right, do not be scared by the amount it takes, potatoes do just absorb so much flavour before adding flavour to the rest of the soup!!


Now that its all seasoned you can serve and enjoy it. If you’re in a fancy mood then you can serve it with a small swirl of cream to make it look pretty. Another thing that goes well is smoked sausage chopped in the bottom of the bowl, it’s so good 🙂

There you go an amazingly tasty and warming soup, perfect for lunch and dinner! Admittedly it’s not the summery soup I want to be making now, but it isn’t warm enough yet!! I hope this soup becomes your family favourite too, enjoy everyone 🙂


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