Sticky Ginger Cake

25 May

This isn’t your normal ginger cake that’s a bit dry inside and too sticky on top, this is a truly amazing recipe with small chunks of stem ginger in the cake, a mix that once cooked gets stickier and stickier as the days go on, this is THE ginger cake!!


75g Butter
125g Muscovado
150g Black treacle
150g Golden syrup
80ml Dark rum
2 Eggs
225g Self-raising flour
1tsp Mixed spice
1tsp Ground ginger
80g Stem ginger

Estimated time: 50 minutes



Weigh your butter, golden syrup, treacle and muscovado into a large pan and start to heat gently. Weigh out your stem ginger and carefully chop them into small pieces. As these are covered in syrup this will not be a quick job, just be careful not to chop any fingers! Add this ginger to the pan and stir occasionally to help it all melt together.


In a small bowl weigh your rum and eggs together, give these a light whisk as this will help them to combine into the syrup mixture.

Once the mixture has melted add a small amount of the flour and stir in. This will help to cool the mix down so it won’t cook your eggs when you add them! Once mixed add a bit more flour, followed by the rum and egg. Stir this all together until well combined. Repeat this until both the flour and eggs are incorporated, if you want to add a bit more ginger feel free to add about 2-3tbsp of the syrup that the ginger came in.


Pour the mix into a lined loaf tin and bake in the oven at 180c for 35-40 minutes. When the cake is cooked it will be a lovely dark golden brown and a knife will come out clean. Allow this to cool slightly before eating!


This cake is soo yummy, it’s wonderful hot or cold! The ginger cake is a very homely and comforting cake, great for if you are away from home and feeling home sick 🙂 just the smell cheers me up, enjoy everyone!!!!


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