Fondant Icing

22 Jun

This is also known as ‘rolled fondant’ and is such an easy thing to make at home and yet costs so much to buy in shops?! At the moment I am trying to make my day’s 60th birthday cake at the moment and have already spent so much on icing alone so I learnt how to make it and well this is so easy and useful everyone should know!

1 1/2tsp Powdered gelatine
30ml Water
600g Icing sugar
75g Glucose syrup
1 1/2tsp Glycerine

Estimated time: 15 minutes

Weigh your icing sugar into a large bowl. Using a wooden spoon make a well in the middle. Don’t worry that you can’t make a perfect well, that’s icing sugar for you it’s so fine it will just fall back. As long as you have a sort of well that’s fine!

Now glucose, possibly the most annoying form of sugar! You can buy this and glycerine from any chemist and maybe some larger supermarkets. The easiest way to weigh glucose is by using a hot spoon. Fill a small bowl with hot water and dip the spoon in, this helps to stop the glucose from sticking. Weigh this into the icing sugar well.


Add the glycerine on top of the glucose. This is another form of sugar which helps to stop the icing from drying out too fast and cracking while you use it.

Measure the gelatine and water into a small pan and stir together (If you want to make it vegetarian then a good substitute is agar) gently heat this and stir until the gelatine has dissolved.

Once dissolved pour on top of the glucose and using a silicon, or lightly oiled spatulas mix it all together. This will get really hard after a few minutes. When this happens you need to knead it together with your hands, just knead it so that all of the sugar sticks together into a blob. If the mix is too dry then add a tiny bit of water, if too wet add some more icing sugar.


As you’ll be able to see the icing is quite dry and grainy at this stage, not what you want to ice a cake with! Solving this is easy. Lightly oil a chopping board, or hard surface with vegetable oil. Turn out your icing onto this board and start to knead it again, like you would bread dough by pushing down with your palm and then folding it back on itself.

As you knead the icing you will notice it become much more shiny and softer, looking like shop bought fondant! This will only take a few minutes if that, once your icing is nice and smooth wrap it in cling film and let it rest for 20 minutes before rolling out for cakes or molding with it.


There you go such an easy way to make really good useful icing, this stuff is brilliant for moulding figures and simply icing Christmas cakes and what ever you want! I hope this helps anyone trying to save money :p enjoy!!!!


2 Responses to “Fondant Icing”

  1. pattyabr June 22, 2013 at 3:25 pm #

    oh this is great! thanks for the recipe!

    • justthebasicscooking June 26, 2013 at 9:46 pm #

      You’re welcome, I’m glad this helps you. It’s saved me so much money, especially as I’m making a huge cake for my dads 60th this weekend!!

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