Garlic Crackers

14 Sep

Crazy sounding? I think not!! These are a much loved thing at my house, healthier than crisps but just as tasty, brilliant to watch films with, almost as good as popcorn 🙂 these are such an easy thing to make and brilliant to set your kids on making :p


125g Plain flour
1/2tsp Baking powder
1tsp Garlic granules
15ml Olive oil
200ml Cold water
1/4tsp salt

Estimated time: 40 minutes


Firstly weigh all of your dry ingredients into a bowl. I’ve used garlic granules in this recipe because they give a nice flavour and don’t have to be cooked. You can use fresh garlic if you want but I would suggest finely dicing one clove and cooking it in oil first just so you don’t over garlic everyone!!


To this add the olive oil, mix this in before slowly adding the water. If doing this by hand add a bit at a time until the dough forms, don’t be afraid to add more water if it looks and feels dry!

Cover the dough with cling film and place it in the fridge for about 10 minutes so that it becomes more workable and slightly less sticky!!

Once chilled roll the dough into small hazelnut sized (roughly :p) balls, you want them to be quite small or they will be thick later on.


Now take each ball and roll it out flat on a floured surface so you get the shape of a squished coin! Once they’re all rolled out place them on lined trays and paint each one with olive oil before sprinkling with a tiny bit of salt.


Bake these all at 220c in the oven for 6-8 minutes. When they are done they will be a nice light golden colour and crisp to touch. Allow these to cool before you eat them!!


And there you have it, a healthy alternative to crisps that are brilliant for parties or just as a snack in the evening 🙂 I really hope you enjoy these!!


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