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Toffee Apple Cake

9 Nov

My last taste of Halloween! This cake takes you back to eating toffee apples on Halloween with friends and family. This is a wonderfully soft apple cake smothered in sweet sticky toffee going together brilliantly! This cake says bye to Halloween but embraces autumn and leads nicely on to the festive spirit!!!


5 Bramley apples
1 Lemon juiced
50g Caster sugar
150g Caster sugar
1tsp Vanilla essence
5 Eggs
300g Plain flour
1tsp Baking powder
150g Melted butter

62g Butter
30ml Semi skimmed milk
112g Muscovado sugar

Estimated time: 60 minutes


Weigh your 50g of caster sugar into a large bowl. Squeeze the lemon juice into this bowl. To make sure you don’t get any pips in the sugar place a sieve over the bowl to catch them, or you can squeeze the juice out into a separate bowl 🙂 stir these together and set aside.

Now peel your apples, if you don’t have Bramley (cooking) apples then Grannysmiths will be fine. You don’t want anything to sweet or you’ll loose the flavour while it cooks! Once peeled cut the apples into quarters and cut the core out. Roughly chop the apple pieces into bite size chunks before adding them to the lemon and sugar mix. Give them a stir to make sure they’re all covered as the lemon juice will stop the apples oxidising and going brown, give them a stir every so often 🙂


Now weigh the rest of the caster sugar into a mixing bowl and slowly stir in the melted butter.

To this stir in the vanilla and then mix in the eggs one at a time. Make sure they are well mixed in before adding the next. This will make it a lighter orange 🙂


Weigh your flour and baking powder together before carefully folding this into your sugar. Try not to knock any air out, but be careful so you’re not left with lumps!

Now pour your apples and all the lemon juice into your mixing bowl and fold these in before pouring the cake mix into a lined tin.


Bake the cake at 180c for 35-40minutes until the top is nice and gold and a skewer comes out clean. Allow this to cool slightly in its tin before putting on a serving plate.

While the cake is cooling weigh your butter, milk and Muscovado into a saucepan.

Slowly heat this until everything melts. Once melted bring it all up to the boil and stir constantly for 3 minutes.

When the 3minutes is up pour your toffee on top of your cake making sure all of it’s covered!


Now cut and enjoy!! This sticky moist apple cake is so amazingly tasty and a wonderful end to Halloween! Everyone will love this cake it’s so more-ish and delicious as a pudding with cream or cold with a nice mug of tea 🙂 enjoy everyone!!!


Beetroot Cake

17 Aug

Certainly sounds unusual I know, I wasn’t too sure when I first made this cake at work but it’s beautiful and light and an amazing colour before its cooked!! This is quickly becoming my new favourite cake, not only to make but to eat as well 🙂


280g Beetroot (cooked)
225ml Vegetable oil
400g Caster sugar
4 Eggs
230(1 tin) Pineapple
375g Plain flour
2tsp Baking powder
1tsp Bicarbonate of soda
1 1/2tsp Ground cinnamon
1/2tsp Mixed spice


100g Butter
600g Icing sugar
200g Cream cheese

Estimated time: 40 minutes


Firstly the messy bit. Weigh out your Beetroot into a bowl or board, once weighed grate all of it and put to one side. Now with your pineapple empty the tin into a blender and blitz it until you’re left with a fun foamy purée.

Weigh your caster sugar and vegetable oil into a bowl or mixer and stir to combine, make sure they’re mixed together or you may get lumps! You’ll know this is done when (as my fiancée pointed out) it looks like glue!


To your gluey paste :p slowly mix in your eggs one at a time making sure they are completely mixed in before adding the next. As you add the eggs you’ll notice a nice colour change and the mix will become glossy.


Now mix through your grated Beetroot and pineapple purée and watch the mix turn an amazing purple colour!!!

Carefully fold in the dry ingredients into the awesome purple cake mix. Try to make sure there aren’t any lumps of flour left as these never taste nice 🙂


Pour the cake mix into a lined tin and bake in the oven at 180c for roughly 35-40minutes. Once the time is up use a skewer to see if they’re cooked, like most cakes this one will not leave any crumbs on the skewer. Leave this to one side to cool.


In another bowl weigh your butter, icing sugar and cream cheese. Carefully mix this all together, not going to lie, this is much easier using a mixer or a hand held mixer!!


Keep mixing this all together until you have a lovely creamy icing with no lumps. Now with your cool cake spread your icing all over the top before cutting and eating!!!


Now eat it and enjoy with your family and friends. You will be amazed at how tasty this cake is. Everyone will love this cake and pleasantly surprised about the ingredients!! Enjoy everyone 🙂

Rhubarb Crumble

18 May

Rhubarb rhubarb rhubarb, I know, how do you make rhubarb edible?! Firstly I for one have always liked rhubarb (although my dad has often served very sour rhubarb puddings!) whether its a crumble, in a pie or as a summer trifle, you just have to balance the sour with sweet!!!


For compote:
250g Chopped rhubarb
100g Caster sugar
2tsp Vanilla

150g Fresh chopped rhubarb

500g Rolled oats
50g Muscoavdo
1/2tsp Ground cinnamon

Estimated time: 40 minutes


Firstly the compote, you can of course make a crumble without the compote but I like having the different textures of rhubarb 🙂 so wash your fresh rhubarb'(just in case there is any dirt on them from when they were picked) once washed chop them into small squares and put them all into a large saucepan. To the pan add your caster sugar and the vanilla, give this a rough stir and put onto the hob. Heat this gently until the sugar starts to dissolve and the rhubarb will start releasing water.


As soon as water starts to appear in the pan you can turn up the heat and start reducing the rhubarb. More water will appear, don’t worry it won’t change the flavour, but it will prevent the rhubarb from burning. Allow it to cook down until you are only left with a few pieces that are firm. Once at this stage take off the heat and leave to one side.


Now in your chosen dish chop the rest of your rhubarb (150g) into bite size pieces, make sure they cover the bottom. Sprinkle some Muscovado sugar over them.


Carefully spoon your cooled compote on top of the chopped rhubarb, try to make it cover all of the chopped rhubarb so that it will be an even amount when it’s all cooked.


In a bowl weigh your oats and sugar. Stir the Muscovado into the oats, try to make sure that there aren’t any big lumps of sugar left before mixing in the cinnamon.

Now simply sprinkle the crumble topping over the rhubarb. This crumble won’t go as crumbly as normal crumble, but is a lot healthier than butter, sugar and flour!!


Place this in the oven at 180c and bake for 20-25 minutes, the topping will go slightly golden when done!!


Be careful not to burn yourself when it’s done!!! This is so tasty, and makes you excited for spring and rhubarb!!!!!!! And I bet that’s a thought you’d never have :p enjoy everyone!

New York Cheesecake Cookies With an English Twist

9 Feb

I’m back from New York and missing it already, that city is amazing! So much so I chose these amazingly tasty, and slightly strange looking biscuits to bring a small bit of America home to England. These biscuits are so tasty straight from the oven, and just as tasty the next day 😉



  • 145g Crushed digestive biscuits
  • 180g plain flour
  • 1 1/2tsp Baking powder
  • 115g Butter
  • 85g Muscovado sugar
  • 1 Separated egg
  • 85g Cream cheese
  • 50g Granulated sugar
  • 2 tsp Lemon zest
  • 1/2tsp Vanilla essence
  • Estimated time: 40 minutes


First the biscuits…you guys are lucky, I had to sit there and crush biscuits to fill up cup measurements to work out how much it weighed in grams!!! Weigh out the right amount into a bowl or a plastic bag and then bash em with a rolling pin, or spoon so that you are left with the crumbs for the base. Into this bowl weigh the flour and baking powder and mix it together, not necessary but it looks nicer 🙂


In another bowl weigh out the butter and muscovado, cream them both together until fluffy and slightly lighter in colour. Once there are no lumps left carefully mix in the egg white, ( don’t throw away the yolk as you’ll need it later!!) now this will not mix in too well and if left for a bit will separate and look disgusting!!!!


Now comes the effort filled part! Slowly add the flour mix into the sugar and butter until it forms a hard dough, once this is formed leave it on one side while you make the cheesecake part.


In a third bowl weigh your cream cheese, egg yolk and granulated sugar out and then beat them together until there are no lumps of cheese left. To this add the lemon zest ( this is roughly 1 whole lemon) and the vanilla essence, stir them in thoroughly.

Line your tray with grease proof paper or a silicon mat (if you have one) and start spooning 2tbsp of the cookie dough onto the mat a few centimetres apart. I found it easier to roll the dough into small balls in my hands and then placing them on the mat. Once they’re lined on the tray use the tablespoon to press on the top of the balls so they squash out and have a small indent, almost like a ‘bowl’.


Once all the bases are ready on the tray carefully spoon the cheesecake mixture into the ‘bowls’ on the biscuits, you don’t want to over fill it but have it almost to the top.

Bake these at 170c for 10-13 minutes until the middle has just firmed and the biscuits are lightly golden.


Now you can either wait for the biscuits to cool down or eat them hot. Either way these biscuits are tasty and a nice reminder of New York. They go amazingly well with a nice cup of tea to help these dreary rainy days go by!!! Hope you enjoy them everyone!!

Fruity Flapjack

19 Jan

Flapjack is one of the few biscuit things that does not get as much credit as I feel it deserves. Admittedly I had to ‘rediscover’ flapjack after years of not having or making any, and to be honest I still do not make it as much as I should! This flapjack has lots of fruit in, well more than normal as I for one am not keen on nuts and seeds, but it is still that amazing chewy snack from childhood 😀



  • 135g Butter
  • 28g Honey
  • 68g Golden Syrup
  • 68g Demerara Sugar
  • 100g Sultanas
  • 150g Chopped Dried Apricots
  • 100g Dried Cranberries
  • 210g Rolled Oats
  • Estimated time: 40 minutes


Flapjack is a brilliant thing, it’s so easy to make with or without children helping! Weigh the butter, sugar, syrup and honey into a saucepan (or you can melt them in a microwave, but be careful not to let it burn!) and gently heat it until the sugar has dissolved and it’s all melted together.


While they are melting in the pan you can way out the dried apricots. If you’ve got chopped ones then brilliant, turns out that we didn’t so I had to sit down and chop them all up! I’ve found that in half and then into three is a good size chunk to have in the flapjack as it’s not too small so you don’t get the flavour but it’s also not so big that you don’t get anything else. Once they’re chopped you can put them all into a large bowl along with the sultanas, dried cranberries and the oats. All of the fruit that I’ve used you can swap and change around to suit your taste, especially sultanas, I know quite a few people that I work with who have a rather big hatred of dried fruit!!


Now that your dry ingredients are all weighed into a bowl, and you butter is all melted you can pour the syrup into the dry ingredients and carefully stir in. This shouldn’t take long as it is a small amount of flapjack, you just want to make sure that everything is covered in the syrup so that it sticks together when cooked.


When that’s all mixed well you need to line a baking tray with some grease-proof paper, once again if you measure it bigger than the tray and leave the edges sticking up then it will make it so much easier to take it out of the tin once cooked and cooled. Spoon the flapjack into the tray and press to the edges, you can either flatten it with a cold metal spoon or just the palm of your hand, either work as you only want to press it together to try and get a flat surface. This is more for looks than anything else, although it does kind of help it stick together, just don’t press it too far down or it will be a strange burnt biscuit!!
Bake in the oven at 180 degrees for 15-20 minutes, when it’s cooked it should be a nice golden colour and it should feel like it has a slight crust on top, but still soft underneath. This is important because the flapjack will harden up when it cools down so you don’t want to ever cook it and end up with tough snacks!


As soon as its cooked take it out of the oven and leave it to cool on the side, you can take it out of the tin if you want but for flapjack it really doesn’t matter. Once it has cooled cut it into your preferred portions. I got 5 across and 3 down, although the corners were tiny and crumbled…but they were so tasty.


There you have it, some incredibly easy and tasty flapjacks that everyone will love and want to make, however you like them. An almost healthy treat for the family!!

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