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4 Sep

So I’m afraid I don’t have a recipe for you guys as I am currently having an amazing holiday in Sweden with my fiancée!!

We’ve been here for two (technically three days, we arrived Monday evening) so far we’ve been to Gamla Stan and watched the changing of the Royal Guards while listening to their marching band at Kungliga Slottet. We then had lunch in a cafe that used to be a monastery and then a prison which held Anckarström who assassinated Gustav III in 1792.


So far today we have been to Södermalm, we were crazy enough to walk there from where we’re staying, at least an hours walk!! We had lunch at a lovely cafe called Cafe String where you could buy the furniture if you really wanted!!

And now I feel it is time to go out and find some dinner, want to try some traditional food before I have to go back to England in a few days 😦

Hope you’re all having a brilliant week!!


My Cake Course!

20 Jul

So as you all know I’ve just been on a cake decorating course in Farnham for 6 days. We worked with marzipan, royal icing, sugar paste, pastillage and even sugar florists paste!!

We learnt how to professionally marzipan round and square cakes for royal icing and sugar paste. Followed by marzipan roses and models of teddy bears! So much easier than I ever thought they were!


Then the love hate relationship with Royal Icing began! We iced our cakes with precise techniques before making our own run outs in the shapes of flower petals and butterflies.


Once the icing had set we began to decorate our cakes using precision piping (traditionally seen on wedding cakes) and our run outs. This is what my cake turned out like 🙂 I like to feel its very summery! The pieces of foam are what we used to make our flowers and butterflies stand up, we used royal icing to as a glue and stuck the wings or petals in, using the foam to balance them while drying. I chose to leave the foam in the hope that it would prevent them from breaking on the various train and boat journeys back home! Only two wings broke so I think it worked well :p


Sugar paste cake, probably the easiest thing to ice cakes with! This was our square cake on which I tried using a cutter to create outlines on my cake around the corners which I then filled in using Brush Embroidery (royal icing again!). Around the bottom of the cake to hide join lines I used the shell technique to fill in gapes between my flowers which I feel made it very ‘classy’ :p I finished my cake off with a purple drape, also out of sugar paste across the middle to the two back corners. I was going to finish it with a Calla Lilly but I didn’t have time on Saturday!


The final day, Saturday 😦 We learnt how to make fabric flowers, these are the flowers often seen on cakes that are incredibly fragile but so life like its amazing! These are so fun and rewarding to make, sadly in the rush of catching my train home I left my roses carefully wrapped in tissue in a box on my desk 😦

If any of you feel like going on one of these courses I strongly recommend it, this was possibly the most exhausting and fun holiday I’ve had in England. Just amazing!!


No Recipe?!

10 Jul

So I’m afraid I don’t have any tasty new recipes for you! I am actually on an intensive cake decorating course in Farnham (which is brilliant!) and don’t actually have a way to cook!

Have no fear though! On Saturday when I get home I will be able to upload some photos of everything I’ve been doing this week!!

I hope you are all enjoying this weather 🙂 remember the sunscreen!!!!

Dads Birthday Cake!

29 Jun

Sorry it’s so late everyone! Today is my dads 60th birthday so were having a huge family get together. So although I haven’t had time to create anything tasty for all of you I want to show you what I have been spending my evenings doing!

So my dad loves The Lord Of The Rings as do most of my family so for his birthday I have made a Lord of the Rings cake for him, I hope you love it as as much as I do!!!



Now on Instagram!!

27 Jun

Now on Instagram!!

We’re now on Instagram follow @justthebasics_

Catbus Birthday Cake

8 May

Been a little busy recently making a cake for my brother’s birthday – so I haven’t been able to get a new recipe up together for you guys.

Instead I’d like to share a couple of pictures with you of the fun Studio Ghibli inspired cake I made for my brother!

For those not familiar with Catbus and Totoro I strongly recommend checking it out, I can almost guarantee you’ll love it!!


I’ve used the Italian Buttercream from my last post found here as an edible glue to stick the icing to the classic loaf cake that forms the body, the chocolate-chip muffin that forms his head and some delicious mini-swiss rolls I used for the legs!!


Hope you like it!
I’ll get something fun together for Saturday!

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