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Soul Cakes

31 Oct

These are really tasty treats which are traditional Halloween cakes. They were originally from the Celtic festival of Samhain where they were baked and left on the doorstep with milk or wine for the departed! The next day the children and poor would dance and beg for the treats, this then because trick or treat!!


375g Plain flour
2tsp Ground nutmeg
2tsp Mixed spice
185g Butter
180g Sultanas
1 Egg
125ml Milk

300g White chocolate
400-500ml Double cream

Estimated time: 50 minutes


Weigh all of your dry ingredients into a bowl with the butter. Rub this together until the mix resembles bread crumbs 🙂


Once crumbs have been reached stir in your sultanas before making a well in the middle of the bowl.

Pour your milk and egg into the well and carefully mix together. Mix this until firm dough forms, this not be too stick and you’ll find that it won’t stick to your fingers!


Spoon this dough onto lined trays using tablespoons, make sure you leave them spaced apart. Once all the mix is spooned onto the trays you can shape them into rough ghost shapes, don’t worry if they don’t look too much like ghosts as they will spread a bit while cooking!


Bake these in the oven at 220c for 10-15 minutes until kind of puffed up and golden brown. Allow them to cool down on a rack.


Meanwhile the ganache. Weigh your white chocolate into a bowl. Pour half of the cream into another microwaveable bowl and heat it until boiling hot. Once hot enough pour the cream on top of your chocolate and stir in, the chocolate should all melt, if not then simply heat up more cream and stir it in until you’re left with a nice smooth paste.


Now spoon your ganache over all of your ghosts, the ganache will get thicker as it cools down! Once covered you can decorate your ghosts giving them fun spooky faces!


And now enjoy!! These are such tasty things, a mix between biscuits and scones a treat to be enjoyed by everyone on this spooky day! Hope you all love these and have a spooky Halloween!!!


White Chocolate and Orange Cupcakes

15 Jun

So everyone loves chocolate and orange! These are some extremely decadent cupcakes just waiting to be served at a summer party, filled with orange curd and topped with a lovely butter cream, no one could turn that down!!


225g Butter
225g Caster sugar
225g Self-raising flour
4 Eggs
2tsp Baking powder
2tsp Vanilla
300g White chocolate chips
500g Orange curd

150g Butter
Orange curd
250-300g Icing sugar

Estimated time: 60 minutes

Weigh your sugar and butter into a bowl. Cream these together until nice light and fluffy, this will take a few minutes 🙂

Once the butter is light in colour stir in your vanilla essence. Once mixed in start adding your eggs one by one, allowing each to fully incorporate before adding the next. At this stage the mix will become very runny and start to look curdled. Don’t worry, this is fine, it will not change the outcome of the cake!!


Once all of the eggs have been added, slowly mix in some of the dry ingredients (flour and baking powder). Carefully fold this in to the mix in stages so that you don’t allow lumps to form, and you won’t knock out as much air 🙂

Finally fold in the white chocolate chips before spooning the mix into cupcake cases. Bake these in the oven at 180c for 15-20 minutes. When they are done they will be a nice golden brown colour and a skewer will come out clean.


While the cakes are cooking start weighing your butter into a bowl. Start mixing this with a wooden spoon or a hand held mixer, or in a standing mixer. Just let this mix for hours :p or just until you have a really pale smooth paste 🙂 make sure you scrape the sides down every so often so that it all gets well beaten. This will probably take about 10-15 minutes.


Once the cakes are cooked and slightly cooled carefully cut a circle in the top of the cake and remove the middle, don’t chuck it away as you’ll put it back afterwards. Do this to all of the cupcakes but try to make sure you keep the right ‘lid’ with the right cake!

Once they have all been cut spoon about 1tsp of the orange curd (this recipe can be found in a previous blog) into each cake, you want it almost filled to the top which may call for more curd. Once filled place the lids back on the cakes so that the curd is hidden.


Now add the rest of the curd to the butter which by now should be really soft allowing the curd to mix in easily 🙂 as soon as the curd is mixed in start adding the icing sugar, I found it a lot less messy and easier to judge the amount by adding the icing sugar a few spoonfuls at a time. I gave you a rough measurement of the sugar because people like their icings different, some like them really sweet and others not so much and as you don’t need to pipe this icing it doesn’t have to be very thick so you can change the amount you use depending how you feel.


Once the icing is smooth you can ice the cupcakes I went for classic icing starting to drip over the edge of the cake but you can do what ever you feel sits the occasion best!!


And there you go, some extremely fancy tasty cupcakes ready to surprise everyone with their orange filling. These are wonderful for pudding or as an afternoon tea in the garden, these of course go very well with a nice cup of tea :p enjoy everyone!!

Malibu and White Chocolate Cookies

23 Mar

Sounds shocking doesn’t it?! Well unfortunately it’s not! The Malibu just adds a wonderful flavour to the cookies, and cookies as we all know are the perfect snack to munch on 🙂


150g Butter
260g Caster sugar
1 Egg
1/4tsp Vanilla essence
300g Plain flour
1tsp Baking powder
1tsp Bicarbonate of soda
250g White chocolate chips
50cl Malibu (2 shots)

Estimated time: 40 minutes


As we all know biscuits are very nice and very easy. Weigh your butter and caster sugar into a bowl and carefully cream together. This will take a it longer than usual as there is a much larger quantity of sugar than butter. Don’t worry if it doesn’t all come together like a sponge mix does, but you will be able to see a difference in colour and it will start to clump together once the sugar is mixed in.


To this add your one egg. At this stage you will be able to beat the mix (once the egg is mixed in, not before!!) making sure there aren’t any lumps. Now mix in the vanilla as well.


Weigh your flour, baking powder and bicarbonate into a bowl and carefully fold it into the mix. Don’t worry when you get to the end as it won’t all mix in. When you get to this stage you can add the Malibu which will allow the rest of the flour to mix in. Finally add in the chocolate chips and stir in.


Now you can spoon the mix onto a lined tray, make them quite far apart as they spread a lot! Bake these at 180c for roughly 10-13 minutes. They should be golden in colour when they are cooked and a bit gooey in the middle.


Enjoy these with tea, coffee or even just cold weather!!! They are pretty damn amazing cookies and so easy to make. This is something for everyone to enjoy!!

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